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I Joined PBAY in September 2021. You can typically find me in the studio bright & early for the 6am & 7:15am classes! Of course I love the workout and physical strength I’ve gained at PBAY, but the people are what keep me coming back! We seriously have the best team ever! We also have the most dedicated, hardworking and fun clients – a special shout out to my early morning crew who roll in before 6am every morning with a smile. Bio: I started pure barre at the Sudbury, MA studio on a whim, after work one day with a friend. I got into the 100 club at that studio just before I went to teacher training in August of 2018. I hopped around to a few studios over the last few years, getting reform and empower trained along the way. I could not be more happy that I landed at PBAY! When I’m not at barre, I like to run, spin and hangout with my dog-nephew, Baxter. I was a biology major in college and I love science, although I “retired” from science and work at TJX in planning & allocation for HomeGoods.

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