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Hi everyone! A little about me. I'm from the small town of Pawlet, Vermont and found Pure Barre while at school in Long Island. I joined the Pure Barre community in 2019 and immediately loved how it improved my strength and stamina in both my everyday life and dance career, as well as helped me to come back from a lower back injury. When I moved to Boston, I made the transition from client to teacher and hope to continually inspire others to work their hardest for themselves as well as support their fitness goals! I love Pure Barre Arsenal Yards because it has created a safe and encouraging space where any and all can come to take class. She is grateful to be a part of an incredible community that continues to grow and flourish everyday! You can LTB with me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings as well as on your Sunday mornings! Can’t wait to shake it out together!

Arsenal Yards Schedule