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Laura T.

Meet Laura Tobias! Laura has been a client for 7 years and a teacher for 4 years. As an avid PB fan, Laura knows just how to get you to your shaking point. Laura is one of our OG teachers at PBBripp and juggles 3 teenage daughters and a small farm of animals at home. Laura believes Pure Barre is for everyone, every age, and every ability. She cares equally for your shaking muscles as well your mental health. Laura strives for positive improvement for each client from your highest heels to the beautiful space between your ears! Laura was initially trained in 2017 to be a Pure Barre teacher. In 2021, Laura became Empower trained. Additionally, she has her CPR certification (and thankful she's never had to use it). Pure Barre is the ONLY exercise Laura has found that truly works. She has watched a transformation in her own body, as well as that of countless clients. She is motivated when clients find that extra push in class. Seeing the physical and mental change in clients is her favorite compensation! The studio, staff, and clients are where Laura prefers to start each day!