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Amanda grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Enthusiastic about dance since childhood, she achieved elite regional and national dance team awards. In 2006 Amanda joined the United States Air Force to teach human performance factors in Aerospace Physiology. In 2012 she transitioned to veteran and moved to Montgomery, Alabama. It was there Amanda discovered Pure Barre and learned how the low-impact workout could help to safely regain strength she had lost in a car accident years prior. Pure Barre became the catalyst for Amanda’s physical and mental rejuvenation; it empowered her to achieve fitness and lifestyle goals she never thought possible. Amanda became a Pure Barre instructor in 2015 after relocating to Tallahassee, Florida. She continued to teach in Saint Louis, Missouri and also in Colorado Springs. Looking to grow roots Amanda, her husband, daughter, son, dog & 2 cats have settled in Marion. Amanda strongly believes in the Pure Barre method and hopes to further inspire women on their own path to strength and self-assurance.

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