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Samantha R

Samantha has been teaching Pure Barre since August 2022, but has been taking classes for about two and half years before that. Her favorite format to take is Reform, and her favorite format to teach is Classic. Outside of teaching, she is a busy law student. Traveling is on of her favorite pastimes. In fact, she was was a missionary before moving to Chicago and served in 11 countries over 11 months while living out of two backpacks - wow! She loves distance running, especially Disney races. Her other hobbies include horseback riding, snowboarding, photography and quoting FRIENDS excessively. "Teaching and taking class is like a little refuge from the busyness in the city, even though everyone is still hustling around outside the studio, I love being able to just close my eyes and tune in to the here and now of a barre class! My favorite part of teaching is helping clients realize they are stronger than they think!"

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