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Chelsea K

Chelsea has been taking Pure Barre since 2019 and first started as a client in Boise. She then moved to Chicago in 2023, and a few months later, joined our team at Pure Barre West Loop as a teacher. She is certified to teach Classic, which she really loves since it is the OG format that made her fall in love with Pure Barre in the first place. Her favorite class to take is a tie between Classic and Align. She loves the technique of Classic, but stretching happens to be one of her favorite pastimes. “Pure Barre West Loop has been my main introduction to Chicago since moving here. It’s a second home, and a landmark. The comfort in that makes it super duper special to me!” Chelsea is an actress when she isn’t on the mic and she has a love for thrifting for vintage anything. She also loves painting, puzzling, learning languages, Wordle, watching documentaries and spending time with her family, especially her rescue dog, Tom. Teaching has taught ME a lot! I feel way more connected to the design of the method and it has made me more confident in the rest of my everyday life. My favorite part about teaching is meeting people and seeing them working so hard, to better the rest of their hour, day or week. It brings me a lot of joy and inspiration watching our clients connecting to themselves and putting in all that effort to benefit their everyday (especially when I know their personal stories and how they take this time with them)!”

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