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Jess C

Jess has been taking Pure Barre since 2014, and began teaching in 2015. She taught what she thought were her last classes the day before we shut down in 2020 due to the pandemic. Since that time, she began her General Surgery residency, which she continues today, and in January 2023 she found time in her busy schedule to squeeze in some teaching, and boy are we happy to have her back! She loves teaching Classic and Empower, but Empower is her favorite to take - by a long shot! Outside of work, she loves to restaurant hop and travel. "My favorite part about teaching is...honestly there are too many reasons, but being able to create a safe space for clients to forget everything else going on in their lives and focus on themselves during class. I have yet to see a client leave in a worse mood than when they started. Oh - and also making people curse me out during empower ;) The best part about our studios is the community. I have never met a group of more supportive humans. I've met some of my best friends here, and truly would not have survived med school or life without this place!"

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