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Clare Marie

Clare Marie began her Pure Barre journey when she moved to Columbia, MO during her first year of college. With numerous years of dance experience, she immediately fell in love with the technique, choreography, and upbeat music that Pure Barre provided, which inspired her to become a certified instructor! As a college student Clare Marie says, “Pure Barre immediately provided me with a community and a home away from home”. Clare Marie is also a collegiate athlete, serving as a University of Missouri Golden Girl, so fitness is a huge aspect of her life. She trusts the Pure Barre technique, knowing the high intensity, low impact movements will keep her in shape while protecting her body. She loves leaving the studio feeling healthy and strong, and she knows a good workout is the best way to clear your head and feel your best. She strives to help others achieve their goals and hopes to keep inspiring them to live well through physical activity at the barre!