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Kristin B

Kristin has been teaching Pure Barre since 2022 and is trained in Classic and Foundations. She was a dancer for 20 years, performing at college football and basketball games, as well as competing at NDA nationals. Kristin first fell in love with Pure Barre back in 2018, where she took her first class while in college at Sacred Heart University in CT. From there she became the studio manager for two years at Pure Barre Westport, before graduating college and moving to northern CT to begin working as a TV News Reporter at Western Mass News in Springfield, MA. Kristin’s favorite part about teaching Pure Barre is motivating and making clients feel their best during class. She loves connecting with everyone she meets in this amazing community, and strives to have her classes be an environment where everyone can unwind and leave feeling happier than when they first walked through the studio doors.

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