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Jade's life has revolved around everything fitness for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a family of runners (a.k.a, Thanksgiving 10k runners), her childhood passion for long-distance running transitioned into olympic weightlifting when her sister showed her the joys of strength training. Post high school and beginning of her freshman year at KU, Jade found herself in a dilemma of what sort of workouts to occupy her time with. Her obsession with running was not as extreme as it was when she was younger and local gyms lacked the equipment needed to train olympic weightlifting. In an effort to branch out, she discovered the world of group fitness. KU’s student rec center offered a variety of different classes and Jade made it her mission to try every single one. Her favorite in question was indoor cycling. Months of spin cycle classes made her realize that she was mildly jealous of the instructors and thought, why can’t I do that? After successfully begging her parents to help her pay for her spin instructor certification, Jade quickly realized that her calling was being a fitness instructor and from there made it her goal to learn as many types of fitness niches as possible (her current favorites are spin, barre, and rock climbing). Having taught spin since 2020, Jade was on the lookout for a new challenge. When she saw the ad that Pure Barre Lawrence was hiring instructors, she had the same feeling she had two years ago, why not try something new? Thank goodness she took the leap! While Pure Barre is the complete opposite of her high intensity endurance and strength background, it challenges her in a new way that she has quickly fallen in love with. Additionally, she loves connecting with each individual client as an instructor and has loved the community that Pure Barre Lawrence has built. While she’s still growing in her own skills as a Pure Barre enthusiast/instructor, she hopes that she can help clients with their own personal growth journey nevertheless because she strongly believes that fitness is about yourself, not the competition. She is incredibly grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to continue to LTB with the PB Lawrence community for the next several years.

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