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Jessie-Leigh C

Meet Jessie-Leigh! Jessie-Leigh joined our teaching team back in 2022 and currently teaches our Classic class at our Lynnfield studio. Her professional background is in academia in International & Comparative Politics, but she’s traded in her academic cap to pursue a career in the corporate world. She now works as a Program Coordinator for an R&D group at Analog Devices, Inc. in Wilmington. When asked what her favorite thing about Pure Barre was, she said ”I didn’t grow up in MA, so building a community here was crucial & Pure Barre is where that’s happened for me. Our Lynnfield crew is welcoming to all, regardless of their age, race, or fitness level and everyone has a genuine interest in the lives of people they’re tucking with, even if they only know each other through Pure Barre.” Come meet Jessie-Leigh and take her class the next time you’re strolling through Market Street!

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