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Danna Euverman

Hello, I'm Danna Euverman, and my Pure Barre journey began just outside of Washington DC more than 8 years ago. A classroom teacher at heart, it didn't take long for me to realize that Pure Barre was where I truly belonged. After just a few Classic classes, I knew I wanted to become a Pure Barre instructor. In less than a month, I was off to Instructor Training, and I've seen it all – from single-tube workouts to 55-minute sessions, double-tubes, platforms, and sliders. The phrase "Lift, tone, burn" echoes throughout the studio, and after over 8 years of Pure Barre, it has transformed not only my body by lifting and toning my muscles but also my soul. Stepping into the studio, even on the toughest days, uplifts my spirit and turns my mood from somber to cheerful. I'm driven by a burning desire to continually improve my technique to deliver the best classes to the best clients. And speaking of clients, I've met my best and lifelong friends at Pure Barre. Three things I absolutely adore about Pure Barre: it's an inclusive, encouraging, and uplifting community that keeps me motivated to bring my best to every class. Join us, and let's lift, tone, and burn together!

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