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Born and raised in Wisconsin, Alissa has always been an active person. After tearing her ACL while playing D1 soccer at UW Madison, she struggled with trying to find exercise she enjoyed and could stick to. She tried yoga, and recreational soccer, and running, and yoga again, but still struggled with her weight management. Until one day in 2021 she decided to randomly try Pure Barre, it sounded interesting. She quickly found out that Pure Barre got into her blood (just like her Lead Teacher said in her Foundations class). She found herself at the studio 5+ times a week. After 2 months of being with the Oak Creek Studio, she was training to be a teacher. Her favorite part about being both a Client and a Teacher, at Pure Barre, is the community; the people can truly turn her stressful day of Recruitment around and bring her right back to her happy place. Her favorite format of class is Empower, there is something truly "empowering" about the cardio sprints and quick moving class. When Alissa is not teaching she spends time with her significant other, family and her 3 fur babies, Cece, Cedric and Houdini.

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