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Faith Howes (she/her)

I am a passionate elementary educator with a theatre performance background. When I’m not on the mic, I can be found singing and dancing on stage (or with my kindergarteners!) I got into Pure Barre when I was in a show where I had to be very physically active onstage, and I needed a stronger foundation to keep up the stamina for the role. Before finding Pure Barre, I was always getting injured, shin splints, knee surgeries, sciatica etc, and I never felt like I couldn't comfortably lean into exercise fully without the constant worry of injury. For me, Pure Barre is a communal, meditative movement to music. A space where folks who might normally have felt unsure of how to get to know their bodies better, are welcomed, supported and encouraged to challenge themselves on their own terms. My fitness philosophy is about building both inner and outer strength in class that you can take out into the world beyond the studio. I specifically love teaching Pure Barre, because it's a technique that you can keep coming back to, there's a routine and a method to the practice, but it's always hard. You can take class regularly and still meet new challenges or have wonderful moments of newly realized body awareness. Plus, I love that it drives to the beat, because I love a good playlist! --- Inviting, Friendly, Energetic

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