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Angelica Salem (she/her)

I grew up in Stamford, CT as a competitive Irish Dancer, which shaped who I am as an athlete and a coach! I then went on to the Commercial Dance program at Pace University in NYC. Throughout all of my years of dance, I cross trained between pilates, barre, and personal training. I have always had a love for fitness, and when the dancing stopped, it felt like the next best thing for me. I found Pure Barre a few years ago, and being a dancer of course, loved the way it worked the body. I believe in the low impact/high result training and think it's so important to know that you don't have to be throwing tires around (even though that's pretty cool too), to get a great workout in and do what's right for your body! I always had to cross train with Barre or Pilates, because Irish dancing was so intense on my joints and everything else. My approach to working out is always "Listen to your body". Only you know how you are feeling at that day and time, and only you can do the work when the time is right and when your head's in the game. I strongly believe in the Mind/Body connection, and I think working out is so much more than just aiming to "look good". I hope that clients leave my class feeling better than when they walked in. I want everyone to genuinely have a great time with me, while getting an awesome workout in. I hope they feel just that much more confident and that much stronger every time they leave the room. I love that Pure Barre has welcomed me with open arms. It has been challenging moving across the country, and the badass chicks I've met over the past few months at the Pure Barre team have been nothing but supportive and have made me feel like an instant part of the community. --- Energetic, Musical, Inviting

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