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Billy Rex (he/him)

Hey, I'm Billy! I'm a lifelong Seattleite with a passion for sports and fitness. I began taking Pure Barre while attending my final year at the University of Washington with my (now) wife, Micaela. I continue to enjoy the unique combination Pure Barre provides: an incredible workout experience while connecting with friends, family, and acquaintances in an energetic, motivating, and fun environment. My "fitness philosophy" is: employ a “life-long learner” mentality. If you are not actively stimulating your mind during workouts, the desire and fortitude it takes to make it routine will fade and you leave opportunity on the table for growth in mind and body. Find what motivates you, extract a sense of pride from it, and dive into it with vulnerability and a desire to constantly learn new things. I hope my clients leave with sweat and smiles! I want people to leave my class having learned something new about themselves and a sense of pride in their effort. When I'm not at Pure Barre, I'm writing poetry, making music, reading, and enjoying conversations and adventures with my wife, friends, and family. Similar to what I love about golf, you can always continue to improve whether you are just beginning or have been doing it for years on years. Pure Barre allows the opportunity to always surprise yourself. --- Energetic, Positive, Dynamic