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Jess Miller (she/her)

Jess grew up in Dallas, TX playing tennis, dancing, swimming, biking, and going to all sorts of camps during the summer. Her family traveled extensively and there was always something active involved with ANY vacation they took. After graduating college from Santa Clara, CA she had no idea what she wanted to do for a “real job” as a “grown up” so she did what she did best and started traveling. She headed to Australia (where her mother is from and extended family live) for a few months. “A few months” turned into 14 years of traveling, running restaurants, and being very active outdoors! Moving to East Texas in 2015 to take on a new job challenge she was looking for something to keep her on her toes as a workout AND find a community to make friends. After discovering Pure Barre in Dallas and being able to do it all over the US (as she traveled for work), she was SO thrilled to find out it was coming to Tyler and as one thing lead to another she found herself standing in front of a class with a mic on her head teaching! Embracing and being embraced by the Pure Barre family has encouraged her to take another big leap and move to Seattle to keep teaching and learn as much as she can! As a workout it’s unbeatable but as a community and a job…it’s the best thing ever.

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