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Erin Frank (she/her)

I began my journey with Pure Barre in 2013 when I was living in Louisville, Kentucky. I was in college, working a retail job and just breaking into the fitness community. I played high impact sports in high school and college and loved the competitiveness that it brought out of me. Pure Barre gave me a new type of competition, to push myself harder, and to show up better than I had the day before. I flirted with the idea of teaching Pure Barre before I left Louisville (for the first time), but ultimately it never worked out timing wise. Flash forward 5 years and I was living in Seattle. Knowing that I had such a positive experience with Pure Barre in the past, I started taking classes locally to see if this community was one that made me feel at home. 3 classes in and I was on my way to Denver for teacher training. I had found my community. I immediately fell in love with teaching HARD. It not only exposed me to an incredible collective of women & men that inspired me to be my best self mentally and physically, but it gave me my passion in life: teaching fitness. Teaching fitness is profoundly rewarding to me, and I love nothing more than walking alongside clients on their road to meet their own personal goals. I love to see my clients surpass those goals before they know it, and begin to feel empowered to set even larger goals for themselves. My fitness philosophy is to find a workout you love to do, something that’s fun and makes you happy, that you are inspired to wake up for each day. I’m an “all-in” type of person and I fully believe in that methodology for your workouts as well. I want my clients to feel seen in my classes, and receive feedback and praise that is individual to them. I want them to be able to show up and get so into the music and high energy that they forget they came to exercise. When I’m not working out, I can be found cuddling my two Australian Shepherds or out in the woods, camping with my fiancé in our roof top tent. I love Pure Barre for the workout, and the results I see and feel in my body and mind. I love the community and the diverse group of humans that Pure Barre has brought to my life over the past 8 years. It’s always fun, it’s always hard and it always manages to make me a better person than I was 55 minutes prior. It’s so much more than a workout. Spunky, Intentional, Upbeat

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