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About Us

Pure Barre is more than just a barre workout; it's a lifestyle. At Pure Barre, women and men share a sense of community that inspires and empowers each other's fitness and lifestyle goals.

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Our Story

Pure Barre is the largest, most established barre franchise with more than 600 studios across North America. With a dedicated following of 550,000+ clients, Pure Barre focuses on low-impact, small movements that target strength, cardio, and flexibility for people of all levels, providing clients with self-focused time to transform the body and mind. Clients can also get their Pure Barre fix anywhere, anytime with Xponential+ class streaming.

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Our Barre Class Offerings

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Studio Classes

Pure Barre studios feature four group class formats that deliver an effective full-body workout focused on low-impact movements that lift and tone muscles to improve strength, agility, and flexibility for everybody.

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Xponential+ is for anyone who wants access to our full body workouts, anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a Pure Barre beginner or a Pure Barre veteran, Xponential+ will help you create or complement your fitness routine at home or on the go.

Join the Team
Pure Barre has incredible career opportunities in our studios nationwide. Our talented instructors are passionate about barre and helping others crush their fitness goals! Our studio management is driven by individuals dedicated to providing an exceptional Pure Barre experience, while building strong relationships with clients. Contact your local studio to learn more about available career opportunities.
Own a Studio
With more than 600 studios across the U.S. and Canada and nearly 600,000 passionate clients, Pure Barre is the largest network of barre studios worldwide. Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List each year, Pure Barre continues to be a pioneer in barre and boutique fitness.