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studio reopening health & safety measures

At Pure Barre, the health and safety of our members and team is our top priority. We continue to offer a robust schedule of virtual classes and events for your fitness and wellness during these ever changing circumstances. As studios open across the country, extensive health and safety measures are being taken with new studio guidelines to provide all of our members with a safe class experience.

As this is an evolving situation, we continue to monitor this situation in real-time to ensure the proper precautions are being taken so everyone feels safe coming to class; we are strictly following the CDC's recommendations and adjusting operations to keep you and our team members safe and healthy.

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Good Health Verification

When booking in-studio classes, you will be required to affirm at time of booking, that you are in good health and have not been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as detailed by the CDC. We also ask you to complete a waiver to acknowledge your participation in the studio is welcomed as long as you are healthy and observing our new studio policies and social distancing protocols.

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Reduced Studio Class Size

Our studios will reduce class sizes to guarantee a minimum of 6 feet of personal distance between members during class.

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Contactless Check-In

If taking in-studio classes, our new mobile app check-in feature will allow you to check-in for a booked class utilizing your personal device instead of the front desk kiosk. These app notifications / features will be triggered when all three of the following criteria are met: location services enabled on device, booked class start time is 30 minutes or less, and mobile device is within 0.1 miles of the studio address.

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Hands Off Corrections

For your safety, our teachers will coach you on your form using verbal cues and demonstration, instead of using any hands on corrections.

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Equipment Modifications

To ensure your safety, we will be limiting our equipment and staging it for you before class. Sanitized mats and hand weights will be set up at your designated station to be used in class, and should be left in place for our team to collect and sanitize after class. Please leave your personal equipment at home. Towels and water bottles are permitted.

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Studio Sanitization

Classes will be spaced at a minimum of 30 minutes apart to allow for staff to sanitize studio and equipment.