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Morgan H.

Hello! My Pure Barre journey started in 2014 while I was helping my sister move and she insisted I come along to a (pre-dawn) class with her. Talk about a wake up call! Shortly after, I began attending my local studio regularly, and fell in love with the way I felt my body and mind change with each class. I've attended a few studios as I’ve moved around, but have always felt so empowered by the workout and community! Outside of barre, I love making collage art out of magazine scraps, listening to true crime podcasts, writing YA Sci-Fi, attending wine tastings, and watching Netflix with my Shih Tzu mix rescue, Roudy. As a full-time gig, I buy tomatoes for Aldi. I'm so stoked to take on the challenge of teaching, and am aiming to hit my 1500th class by the end of the year! My goal is to give back just a little bit of what PB has given me, and empower you in every class. I can't wait to lift, tone, and burn with y'all!