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Callie V

Callie has been taking Pure Barre for five years, and made the leap to become a teacher in May 2022. She quickly became certified to teach all of our formats - Classic, Empower, Define, Align and Reform. She loves teaching Empower because of the energy in the studio and it allows clients to push themselves in different ways than our other classes. Classic is her favorite to take because it takes her back to why she fell in love with Pure Barre so many years ago - you can't go wrong with taking it back to the basics! Callie has an exciting career as a full-time real estate agent! Outside of Pure Barre and work, you can find her trying out new restaurants with friends or frequenting Nordstrom (and of course grabbing a drink at the bar on the 2nd floor - duh!). She also loves traveling and spending time with her mom! "My favorite part about teaching is getting to interact with clients and hopefully providing a similar experience that made me fall in love with Pure Barre. Clients come to class for so many different reasons with various goals, and getting to be a part of that is really rewarding. Whether it’s encouraging someone to “stay in it” in class or chatting about technique or even life after, I love every part of it! I have been a client at quite a few studios, and none compare to Pure Barre West Loop & Fulton. The quality of our team and clients is unmatched. Everyone is so warm and welcoming, strong and committed, and I leave the studio every day in a good mood just because of the people who are a part of it."