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Meghan M

Meghan took her very first Pure Barre class in 2013! She then was part of the Sales & Service team before going to teacher training in 2018. She is certified to teach Classic, Empower, Define and Align. Although she loves teaching all formats, her favorite class to mic up for is Classic, which also happens to be her favorite format to take! She came to Pure Barre West Loop after teaching at multiple studios across the US and felt a strong sense of community as soon as she walked in the doors, which is what Pure Barre is all about! Meghan is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner outside of the studio, and cares a lot about animal rescue - she even has two rescue dogs herself! She loves trying new restaurants and is always looking for recommendations. When you catch her in the studio, make sure to share your favorite spots! “Getting involved in the Pure Barre community has changed my life in the best way possible! I have moved a few times and have always found that Pure Barre helps me integrate into the community. I love the workout itself: the music is so motivating and class is always evolving. Teaching class and getting to share my love for Pure Barre is such a gift!”