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Janelle was born and raised in Mission Viejo. As a child, she was always active and became a competitive gymnast at an early age. Training several hours a day, six days a week for 10 years created a foundation for mind-body awareness that she grew to appreciate. In high school, Janelle went on to become a cheerleader and has maintained a fit lifestyle ever since. But, nothing transformed her body the way Pure Barre did. In 2009, she found Pure Barre Newport Beach and was instantly rapt. She would never again step foot in a gym! She found herself wanting more out of Pure Barre and, in 2011, began working the front desk to be closer to the technique, the team, and the clients. After six years, Janelle finally committed to teaching Pure Barre and is beyond thrilled to now teach the clients she used to lift, tone and burn side-by-side with. She loves that Pure Barre is a place for women who want to transform and challenge themselves, both mentally and physically. Outside of Pure Barre, Janelle is a Sales Executive for a Fortune 500 company. When she isn’t working, she loves gathering with family and friends, weekend getaways, going to the movies, and food! Janelle lives in Rancho Mission Viejo with her husband and two little rascals.