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Katie M

Born and raised in Connecticut, Katie had an early fascination with fitness and a healthy lifestyle that has stemmed into a life long passion. Having been constantly involved in competitive athletics from an early age, Katie naturally fostered a strong interest in the dynamics of the human body. This passion led Katie to earn a Bachelor's of Science degree in Athletic Training from Northeastern University in Boston, followed by a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from University Of The Pacific in California. These dual degrees channeled her love for sports, fitness and rehabilitation allowing her to develop a high standard of educational excellence that has enabled her to treat her patients with an advanced level of care. Katie began teaching spinning and group fitness during college. After graduating in 2008, Katie stepped into her first Pure Barre class in San Diego and was immediately drawn to the low impact, pain free, stress reducing technique. Pure Barre changed her life both physically and mentally and she could not get enough of it. When she moved back to the East Coast she was driven to become more involved with this amazing technique - a technique that empowers women to reach their fullest potential and strengthen the mind as well as the body. She became a certified instructor in 2010 at two Pure Barre studios while still working full time at a physical therapy clinic. With over a decade of experience with the technique, it is a dream come true to share with others the same passion she exudes for Pure Barre with her Pure Barre studio here in Lake Norman. Katie and her husband live here in Lake Norman with their 2 beautiful children and fur baby, Murphy.