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Kristy Mctamney

Kristy is originally from New York, but has lived in North Carolina since 2008.  She married her husband Patrick, in 2010 in Banff National Park in Canada.  Interestingly, she and her husband have twin sisters, but only have one daughter, Lorelai.  She has an MBA from Yale School of Management and is a Director in Finance at Bank of America. Pure Bare Lake Norman has been her happy place for many years and she is actually one of the original clients from back when the Pure Barre Lake Norman - Birkdale studio first opened in 2013.  She remembers looking into the windows when the studio was under construction and anxiously awaited the grand opening.  She had read about Barre workouts in fitness magazines and was convinced a workout with some ballet inspiration would be the perfect fit for her since she love ballet and danced for almost 15 years when she was younger. Fortunately, she was right! She adored Pure Barre immediately and committed herself into to taking class almost daily from the beginning. Over the years, it has been amazing to see how the technique continues to grow and evolve.  Pure Barre is able to accommodate all fitness goals and new formats keep the technique fresh and challenging.       More than 2,500 classes later, her love for Pure Barre has only grown and she took it to the next level by becoming a Teacher in late 2019.  She now teaches all three formats and she loves taking and teaching ALL formats.  Helping clients reach their fitness goals and sharing my passion for all things Pure Barre brings me so much happiness.  I am inspired by EVERYONE at PBLKN every single day and can only hope I return a small portion of that back to the PBLKN community.