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Amy Larsen (she/her)

Hi, I'm Amy! I grew up on the eastern side of the state outside Spokane, but have called Seattle home since 2010. I have been active as long as I remember. I grew up playing little league baseball and ended up participating in everything from basketball to track to dance in my high school years. After high school I found my true love for fitness. Through college I was an avid runner and gym goer, but after my first marathon found myself significantly injured. I spent a solid year in physical therapy and had to curb my running habits to work out a few muscle imbalances. I was never big on group fitness, but Pure Barre changed that for me. After my first class I was in love, and absolutely dead. The workout combined music and movement, two of my greatest loves, and somehow pummelled me into the ground in the process. Pure Barre was a game changer for muscle imbalances and weakness in my hips that had caused multiple injuries over the years. My goal as an instructor is to keep class engaging and fun, and obviously give you a killer workout in the process. --- Energetic, Friendly, Upbeat