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Caroline M.

Caroline is a new resident to Tallahassee. She and her husband and daughter originated from Washington state. Caroline enjoys being out side doing all kinds of activities such as hiking, kayaking, and skiing with her family. For her and her husband’s 15 year anniversary they Summited Mt. Saint Helens. About two years ago, Caroline tore her ACL and meniscus in a terrible accident which resulted in an emergency surgery. With physical therapy and Pure Barre, Caroline was back to taking classes two weeks after her surgery (with some modifications) and teaching one month later! She gives all credit to her speedy recovery to Pure Barre. Caroline enjoys being with her family and friends. She recently became a grandmother! Her son and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. At Pure Barre, Caroline has been teaching for three years but taking as a client for five years. She teaches Classic Barre, Reform, and Pure Foundations. For her it was a saving grace to move to Florida and instantly find a place with a wonderful since of community and new friends.