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Where are you originally from? Ocean Isle Beach, NC How did your Pure Barre Journey Start? After many attempts from a close friend to try class out I finally went, I was hesitant as I did not have a dance background (little did I know that didn’t matter), I played sports growing up and was into running at the time but was having knee issues. I was instantly drawn to the workout, low impact yet highly effective, it was just what I needed- not to mention the community! I loved it so much I had to be a part of the team and here we are! How long have you been with Pure Barre Winston-Salem? Since 2016! What is your favorite part about Pure Barre? Well I have two- the workout of course, both physically and mentally- I love that I’ve been taking class since 2016 and the workouts continue to evolve and challenge me! Added bonus, I was able to do Pure Barre during my pregnancy and postpartum, our workout is adaptable to just about any need. My absolute favorite part is the community- being at the studio is one of the best parts of my day! What is your favorite class format? This is a tough one as I love each for different reasons, empower is probably it, I love cardio! What do you do when you aren’t a Pure Barre (other jobs/hobbies, etc) A lot of my time is spent at Pure Barre or on Pure Barre related things since taking over ownership in December 2022 and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Down time consists of hanging out with my husband Seth and our sweet baby girl Mackenzie who just turned one in March of 2023, and our pups Nellie and Bailey!