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Where are you originally from? Memphis, TN How did your Pure Barre Journey Start? I heard about it at a spinning class and a friend of mine mentioned physique 57 method barre workout to me and said that I would love it. I came and took a 6:30 PM class at 6:30pm one night and fell in love instantly with it then went home and was so excited. I wanted to sign up the next day and I did a three month special unlimited. I was three months postpartum. How long have you been with Pure Barre Winston-Salem? I went to training 04/2014 and started with 4 classes a week, now I teach about 10 a week. What is your favorite part about Pure Barre? It’s hard to choose just one thing I guess my favorite thing is that whenever I am signed up to take class I never feel like it is an obligation or a chore and I have felt that way before about other forms of exercise. I love the fact that even on a low energy day, I always know that I genuinely want to take class and then I will feel better and my day will only be better for doing it. What is your favorite class format? That’s a tough one for me because I really do love taking all types and definitely love the high energy of Empower, but certainly like to pair that on different days with the endurance of Classic. The best possible scenario is that I take all the class types in one week makes me feel very balanced. What do you do when you aren’t a Pure Barre (other jobs/hobbies, etc) A mom of two very busy boys, Logan and Tyler. I also help with my husband‘s business Mosaic Capital management - it’s a financial planning firm that he and his partner started in 2011. What is one fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share? I love going to see live music and I used to sing live in Memphis when I was a teenager. I’ve been on a microphone since I was about 14!