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Pure Barre Chicago | Bucktown Wicker Park

Group exercising with wrist weights

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      Our Signature Classes

      Taught by our highly-trained teachers, Pure Barre features four group class formats that deliver an effective total-body workout focused on low impact, high-intensity movements that lift and tone muscles and improve strength, agility and flexibility for every body.

      Pure Barre Classic™

      Pure Barre Classic™ is our original barre class. Our proprietary technique is the fastest, most effective full-body workout. For 50 minutes, you will be guided through a series of low-impact, small movements designed to improve your flexibility while strengthening and toning your entire body.
      Group doing plank exercise at Pure Barre

      Pure Barre Align™

      Pure Barre Align™ combines our classic strength-building barre technique with a unique emphasis on flexibility and balance training to deliver a restorative full body workout. In 50 minutes, you will focus on various flows of stretching to increase your joint mobility, while building muscular strength and stability.
      Finding your flow with Pure Barre Align™

      Pure Barre Empower™

      Pure Barre Empower™ is our fusion workout of Classic Pure Barre and high-intensity interval training designed to elevate your heart rate, build strength, and increase your metabolism. For 45 minutes, you’ll use dynamic movements with ankle weights and a plyometric platform to target different muscle groups simultaneously.
      Group exercising with wrist weights

      Pure Barre Reform™

      Pure Barre Reform™ targets and reshapes all your major muscle groups through resistance-based strength training. This 50‐minute full-body workout blends Classic Pure Barre with resistance-based movements using resistance bands, sliders, and the barre to build your strength, coordination, and balance.
      Group exercising at Pure Barre

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      about Chicago | Bucktown Wicker Park

      When you want effective, full body barre classes in Chicago , Pure Barre is a wise choice. Located in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, Pure Barre is designed to pinpoint various muscles in your body using small, precise movements. You’ll achieve the body and mind of your dreams surrounded by a close-knit community. Our studio is located on bustling North Avenue, and easily accessible by Chicago’s blue line train or CTA bus. After class, we recommend grabbing a cup of coffee from Gallery Cafe, or a bite at one of our favorite local restaurants, Etta or Paradise Park. Anyone interested in barre classes in Chicago is welcome at our studio, where classes are geared to people at different fitness levels.
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