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Mavi Marin

Hi there! I’m a Venezuelan living in Miami, bringing my vibrant culture and artistic passion to everything I do. My background as a singer, dancer, and dance teacher has given me a unique perspective on movement and fitness. I’m deeply passionate about helping people find joy and fulfillment through fitness. When I moved to Miami, I was searching for a way to combine my love for dance and fitness with my desire to make a positive impact on others. That’s when I discovered Pure Barre. From my very first class, I felt a sense of belonging and knew this was the place for me. The supportive community and the challenge of the workouts have been a blessing, helping me grow both personally and professionally. At Pure Barre, we’re not just teachers; we’re partners in your fitness journey. We are here to motivate you, support you, and celebrate every milestone with you. Join me at Pure Barre, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together. I can’t wait to meet you and help you discover the strength and joy that comes with every workout!

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