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Andrea believes "how we live today, is how we live life". It's been the quote she's held onto for years after hearing it from a meditation coach. She attributes her discipline and how she shows up in the world to this. Andrea has enjoyed being active the majority of her life, playing in high school and collegiate sports and ice skating as a long-time hobby. Activity has now become a daily non-negotiable outlet for her mental & physical health. Born with foot and hip alignment issues causing inflexibility, imbalance, and other complications, Andrea has found the Pure Barre technique to be something she can keep with the rest of her life. In 2014 she found out about a Pure Barre studio opening nearby. She became a teacher, immediately falling in love with the heart-pumping music, uplifting community, and how transformative the technique showed to be, both for herself and others. Andrea purchased the same studio she taught in for 8 years, and in January 2022 took over as franchise owner. Andrea continues to teach on the regular schedule and intends to continue building a dedicated and supportive barre community where everyone is welcome at the barre. Andrea resides in Charlotte with her partner Brad, his daughter Peyton and their curious little cat Haley. When she's not on the mic, you can find her on the lake, hiking, at the ice rink, snowboarding, and enjoying the outdoors year round.

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