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Laura S

Laura has been taking Pure Barre since 2014, making it "the longest and most successful relationship of my life" - did we mention she's funny too?! Exercise was always something she felt like she had to do - that all changed when she began taking Pure Barre in Boston during college. It's been a constant for her throughout major life moves and changes. She's been teaching since July 2019, and is trained in Classic, Empower, Define and Reform. She loves taking Reform because of how strong she feels after tapping into that mind-body connection. She equally loves teaching Classic and Empower. Outside of Pure Barre, she is a busy full-time law student at The University of Chicago. She loves listening to podcasts, spending time outside with her Cavapoo Malcolm, "yelling at Twitter" (we told you she's funny, right), and meeting new people. "Pure Barre West Loop & Fulton are more than a place to workout; they're a such a special community, full of encouragement and empowerment. The friendship and support from the members, teachers, and staff mean so much to me, and I've met so many incredible people through these studios. I’m consistently inspired by client's strength, dedication, and growth. Nothing is better than seeing people become stronger and more confident as they continue to take class. Every time I see someone hold onto a position they couldn’t a month back or dig a little deeper to challenge themselves, it pushes me to be a better teacher and to rededicate myself and work a little harder in my own fitness journey. Finding a workout I loved changed my life and has been essential to my mental health. Getting to be a (small) part of that journey for other people is such a gift."

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