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Jessica is originally from Parma, Idaho (a small farming town in Southern Idaho) and grew up farming with her Dad! She danced and played lots of sports growing up and then transitioned to college where she earned her Nursing degree, but then had to find a new way to stay active. Jessica found group fitness at the local YMCA and had fun with step aerobics and kickboxing. In 2008, she and her husband moved to the Coeur d Alene area and she then started into more group fitness classes like Turbokick, pilates, yoga and Zumba. Once she came across Pure Barre in 2019, she was hooked! It had all the things Jessica loved: good music, an intense workout (while also being low impact) and amazing people! During the Covid lockdown, she started to wonder what it would take to become an instructor, and eventually PBCDA was looking to hire new instructors. Her favorite thing about teaching at Pure Barre is being able to challenge the clients each and every time they take class. Jessica feels it is amazing to see people grow and become stronger and more confident!

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