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Rachel began her Pure Barre journey in 2019, during her sophomore year at the University of Tennessee, and in January of 2023, she officially began her role as operating partner & co-owner with Lauren. Originally from Georgia, Rachel moved to Knoxville to become a member of UTK’s diving team. At the end of her freshman year, she was diagnosed with necrosis (death) of the talus bone in the ankle, and she was told that she would never be able to run or jump again - for the rest of her life! During her transition out of athletics, Rachel struggled to find an exercise routine that accommodated for her new limitations but also challenged her body & mind. At the same time, she desired a sense of personal fulfillment & the joy of working with a team. Pure Barre answered that challenge, and she “dove” head first into a new routine; found a full body workout that she loves; and developed a passion for teaching and coaching others. She is proof that you can sculpt & train your body at the highest level, without stressing your joints or abusing your body. Pure Barre is a workout for all ages & individuals. It can be a primary workout or supplement an existing routine. We offer the best barre workout in town - with the best team in town! You’ll catch Rachel on the mic, behind the front desk, and next to you in class. Through Pure Barre she has finally found her “WHY” – Let our team help you discover yours!

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