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Hannah has been a Pure Barre Green Bay member since 2020 and is so excited to be on the mic as a teacher now! Hannah teaches Pure Barre Classic and Pure Barre Define classes. Hannah was born and raised in central Kansas and attended the University of Kansas, earning degrees in Spanish and Social Work. Hannah moved with her husband and their two fur babies to his home state of Wisconsin in 2018 to put down roots. Hannah’s favorite part of class is the warmup because it reminds her of the strength she has built and that the shakes are always worth it! Hannah’s relationship with movement is grounded in 10 years of training in classical dance, primarily ballet. Dance had always brought her such a deep sense of peace that Pure Barre was such an easy decision to make a priority in her life. When Hannah is not at PBGB, she works as a licensed behavioral health therapist and spends the rest of her time adventuring with her husband. Come join Hannah for a class, she promises to remind you to laugh through the shakes!

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