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My first Pure Barre class was in February 2019. Now here I am four years later starting a new Pure Barre journey as an instructor. I remember that first class so well, I was very nervous and it was so hard. However, after I left I felt empowered and encouraged. Going to that first class was one of my best decisions. Pure Barre has not only given me physical strength I didn't know I had but also the mental clarity I didn't know I needed. Pure Barre has been there for some of the most influential parts of my life. Soon after I found out I was pregnant there was a global pandemic and Pure Barre helped keep me sane during lockdowns and pregnancy. After I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, heading back to the studio was one of the first things I wanted to do. I am so thankful everyday that I found Pure Barre because it really has changed my life for the better. When I am not at the barre I am taking care of my now 2 year old, Leighton, and trying to wrangle my two crazy dogs. I also love to end the day with a good movie or book. I have a wonderful husband, Josh, who has even taken a few classes with me. He loves my passion for the barre and I am so lucky to have his support. I am so excited to further my love of this technique and share it with others. I fell in love with Pure Barre and I am so proud to be given the opportunity to help other people do the same. I know that if you really give it a chance it will have a positive impact on your life like it has mine.

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