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I have been a Pure Barre client since the summer of 2017. I would drive by the studio occasionally and was intrigued and I decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back. Fast forward almost 5 years to when Pure Barre Lawrence posted an instructor position. I thought about it and kept it to myself because it was something that was definitely out of my comfort zone. Then my friend Cindy randomly told me that she thought I should go for it. For those of you who don’t know me well I would describe myself as an introverted extrovert. I love being around people and talking to people but giving instructions to people and being a focal point isn’t necessarily my jam. I decided to go for it and push myself out of my comfort zone. I was already a firm believer in Pure Barre; the physical and mental benefits of the technique speak for themselves if you really stick to it. Why not take my love of PB to the next level by sharing it and helping others realize the same goals and benefits that I did? I have a dance background; dance classes all through childhood and dance team in high school and college. I have always enjoyed group fitness and the camaraderie that comes with it. There’s something special about going though a hard class with a group of people and coming out the other side together. The structure and format of Pure Barre classes are very soothing to me - you know what’s coming next to an extent but you don’t know exactly, so there’s still an element of surprise. To be able to be “behind the scenes” and help people achieve their fitness goals or just be able to help them get 50 minutes to themselves is truly an honor. When I’m not teaching or taking classes I work part time in a pathology lab in Topeka, examining tissue and organs removed from surgeries and biopsies. Or I may be trying to keep up with and entertain my three lively boys, ages 13, 7, and 4. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and teach all of you! See you at the Barre and bring your friends!

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