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My name is Santa Mealli, and I am originally from Latvia. Now married to an Italian and mom of three, I moved to Mount Kisco a year and a half ago, after living and loving NYC for almost two decades. While working in art business, my passion has always been exercising at my free time. Throughout years, I have tried a fair share of different exercise routines. The ones that have “stuck” are running, Yoga and, of course, Barre. I came to Barre about 10 years ago, and have been smitten since – this is a method that allows me to get an effective, time efficient, always challenging and fun workout in a convenient, friendly boutique setting. I thank PBMK’s Superstar team and devotees for welcoming me here in Mount Kisco – PB makes me happier, stronger and most importantly, more involved in this great community. I am very excited for the privilege to teach PB to my peers!

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