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Maria & Rodney Cruz

Maria and Rodney met while both were serving in the military and were married in 2001. After being discharged, they relocated to Houston the following year. Currently, they live with their three wonderful children (Jaron, Jensen, and Ameena). Maria first worked for a major cancer hospital in Houston as a radiation therapist. She received her Master of Science in Education specializing in Learning Design and Technology in 2013. She now works for herself as an independent learning and performance improvement consultant for various companies. Rodney received his degree in respiratory therapy and worked at a pediatric hospital before joining the non-profit organ and tissue donation industry. He currently works as a manager of a simulation center at a local organ procurement organization. In 2014, Rodney was diagnosed with heart disease and was told that he would not be able to participate in any combat sports or lift heavy weights moving forward. His heart condition worsened, and in 2015, he had open heart surgery. A Christmas present from Rodney to his lovely wife introduced the couple to the world of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing was a great low-impact exercise that not only helped Rodney recover from surgery but was an amazing way for the couple to spend quality time together. To bring their dancing to the next level, they needed to work on their posture, core, strength, and flexibility, which led to Maria finding Pure Barre in 2016. Maria immediately saw results and lost 30 pounds, which allowed her to accomplish her goal of running a full marathon. Since discovering the workout, Maria has dreamt of owning a PB studio, because she loves to share the home, community, and empowerment she has found in Pure Barre. As for Rodney, Pure Barre has awakened muscles he didn’t know existed, and he has been a vocal advocate for the technique. He continually encourages more men to try Pure Barre to engage muscles not targeted by workouts typically geared toward men.

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