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Roxana (she/her/hers) took her first Pure Barre class with her husband in 2015. For the first time, she had found herself looking forward to and enjoying exercise, and she was immediately hooked (the fabulous fashion available also helps!). She became a Pure Barre Teacher in 2018 and has been bringing the burn ever since (she even tucked until the week she gave birth!). Roxana enjoys cats, good tequila, her family's Persian food, and convincing people to learn new TikTok dances with her. Catch your Lead Teacher on the mic in Reston- come LTB! When she isn't at the best barre in town, Roxana works as a Couples and Family Therapist in private practice and is a mom/foster mom. If you were a type of potato, what would you be? A Cajun Curly Fry. Fun and flavorful! Cocktail/Drink Order: A Vodka/La Croix with a lime, or a Patron tequila shot! (lime and salt too, please!)

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