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Sam (she/her) came to Pure Barre Reston in 2018. She was in need of an exercise routine to improve her physical and mental health, and Pure Barre was the perfect solution (even though the first few classes were ROUGH). She became a teacher in 2021 and purchased the studio with her husband, Chris, in May of 2023. Sam and Chris have been married 32 years and have three adult children and one adorable and brilliant granddaughter. Sam is a retired English teacher who still loves to read YA books (and will happily share recommendations upon request). She also enjoys good Mexican food and really good tequila. She is a huge Disney fan and truly believes Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth (after Pure Barre Reston, of course)! Who was your childhood actor crush? Shaun Cassidy - where are my GenXers? 😂 What movie quote do you use all the time? I have a question…about Jack Jack…

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