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Leora Sauer Sagiv (she/her)

Pure Barre WA!! My name is Leora and I recently moved from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, but I'm originally from the PNW. Dance has always been my first love. My parents met on the dance floor so naturally I was drawn to dance and many other styles of dance. Throughout my life I’ve practiced ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop but my one true love has been latin styles, such as salsa and bachata. Pre-covid I was a member of a local Seattle dance studio where I wad on two latin dance performance teams and would perform at various dance congresses throughout the west coast. This particular dance studio is actually what brought me into the Pure Barre community as the owner and lead instructor of the studio was a former PureBarreWA instructor. Unfortunately, covid shut down the studio but led this previous instructor to push me in the direction of teaching Pure Barre as I had a love for teaching as I was already a certified 305 fitness instructor. Fitness is just as important as dance as that is my form of therapy. During the day I work as a Mental Health Professional on the Crisis Response Team so Pure Barre classes provide me the perfect amount of movement and challenge that allow me to break away from all other life stressors. That ties into my fitness philosophy as I believe fitness is all about fueling yourself with the mental, physical and emotional strength to live the most amazing life! I truly hope when clients come to my class they get to break away from any life stressors, maybe even laugh a little but more importantly leave feeling rejuvenated. When I’m not working out I’m making an attempt at self care whether that be getting together with friends to enjoy some delicious food, traveling or spending time with my family. I love Pure Barre because it brings about the most positive changes, both physically and mentally. Not to mention anyone can be challenged by Pure Barre while allowing you to connect with the most amazing community in Seattle! --- Fiery, Friendly, Upbeat

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