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Hi there! My name is Kirsten Harte, and I'm so excited to be a teacher at Pure Barre Creekside! I'm a native of Gettysburg, PA but moved to The Woodlands to join Open Sky Arts Collective as a member of their dance company. I also teach dance when I'm not at the Pure Barre studio. I hold a B.S. in Biology (Medicinal Concentration) and a Minor in Dance from Messiah University near Harrisburg, PA. I'm an absolute nerd when it comes to human anatomy and physiology, so much to the point where I always keep my anatomy textbook close by! For my dance career, Pure Barre is the perfect way to cross- train. I find that I can focus on building my mind-body connection and tone my muscles to help me feel stronger in rehearsals and on stage. Also, the music makes me feel like I'm dancing while exercising, so I have a LOT of fun during class! I believe there is no form of exercise like Pure Barre out there. Anyone regardless of age and/or fitness level can take class and HAVE FUN doing it! My goal as an instructor is to inspire my clients to feel empowered to conquer their fitness goals and take on the rest of their day with confidence Looking forward to seeing you at the barre!

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