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I'm Samar @samarraka88 ; I'm the brain behind-the-scenes. First of all, I want to thank you for all the support and excitement for PBCreekside, I feel blessed for the community we have built together! #forevergrateful This is my story with the barre... It all began in 2012 when a friend invited me to become a barre instructor at thedaileymethod; I didn't realize it was going to become my true passion in life , seeing all the benefits this workout gives to your body and also to your mind was blown away!!! (I think of barre as a mindfulness workout, where you give all your attention for 50 min to ever single part of your body embracing it making it stronger, healthier and happier) After 9 years being a lead teacher, I moved to Creekside park, searching for some barre classes. When I couldn't find none close by I realized we needed a Happy place in our area; I had to bring @pure_barre to our neighborhood. So here I am, just a passionate, hardworking mom that's building with all her heart an awesome place for YOU because this is all about you feeling confident, happy, supported, and empowered in your #TrueSelf Can't wait to meet you at PBC and introduce the man benefits of Pure Barre. The team of PBC is here to cheer you on and challenge you to push past your limits. Are you ready to join the #PBTribe and make some magic?

The Woodlands - Creekside Schedule