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Where are you originally from? Chesapeake, VA How did your Pure Barre Journey Start? One of my best friends, Emily Gustafson (move back!), was a Pure Barre teacher. I moved away from Winston to Wilmington for a couple years, and when I came back in 2015 I was looking for a workout to start. Emily invited me to take class and I started working at the front desk. A few months after that I became a teacher and the rest is history! How long have you been with Pure Barre Winston-Salem? 7.5 years (Since December 2015 as front desk, then since May 2016 as a teacher) What is your favorite part about Pure Barre? I love the form and music! I grew up dancing and it really satisfies that love and former fun I had growing up. What is your favorite class format? Empower! It feels the most like a dance class to me. The choreography is complex, fun, and super effective! What do you do when you aren’t a Pure Barre (other jobs/hobbies, etc) I am a high school government and economics teacher at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I’m also a mom to Max (turning 2 in September)! What is one fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share? This is a fun fact to me… we will see if anyone else agrees! I love learning and teaching about the Supreme Court, and in 2019 I was able to meet my idol, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with a group of teachers in DC. She completely lived up to all the hype!

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