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Bethany was born in El Paso but grew up in Plano, Texas. She danced and pranced around everywhere she went. (You can still catch her to this day walking around on her highest tippie toes!) She danced through high school and college, but after graduating from Texas Tech University, she got so focused on starting a career that she stopped working out altogether. Everything got so stressful, and she really wanted to find an outlet for herself. Enter Pure Barre. Wow! The shake, the sweat, the community! Everything about this exercise sparked her interest, and she was hooked. After finding Pure Barre, Bethany started challenging herself in every way possible – inside and outside the studio. She is now a BCBA and works with children on the autism spectrum. Pure Barre has helped Bethany grow so much, and she can’t wait to encourage others to challenge themselves, too!

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