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Valentina started taking Pure Barre in 2012 after the tragic loss of her sister. Pure Barre helped her get out of bed and move her body and heal her mind. She became one of the original instructors at our Allen studio in 2014. She took a step back from teaching while she was pursuing her Master's degree and starting a family. (Fun fact: she and her husband won the Million Dollar Wedding contest for Brides Magazine, and their wedding aired live!) Val loves that Pure Barre is for EVERYBODY! She started taking classes as a 20-something single ER nurse, and she is now in her 30s, a wife, a mom to 3 little girls who are mighty like their momma, a nurse practitioner, and a Pure Barre instructor. She’s a born and raised Cheesehead from Wisconsin, (Go Pack Go!), but she’s now living in the Prosper Celina area, and she is so excited to bring the burn to our Prosper studio. Pure Barre has been a huge part of her life and she is thrilled that she has found her way back to the barre and back on the mic.

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